The concept for my prototype was to create an object that would be able to recognize whether an individual is deficient in certain vitamins and or minerals, as a result of not consuming a diet filled with a variety of fresh produce. The prototype will recognize whether the individual is deficient and also notify them when a supplement is necessary, therefore providing them with the correct vitamin or mineral. As my interview indicated the lack of a fulfilling diet can lead to deficiencies. In our world, there is a prominent use of high technology and the isolation of societies. Additionally, within the world, we have constructed the app Foodie has been implemented to enable individuals the ability to create and customize their own fruits and vegetables. Moreover, within our society, there is a high rate of vegetarianism and veganism, as this has been found to be a more sustainable diet. However, individuals still lead a busy and fast-paced lifestyle, which involves working long hours in order to financially sustain their households. As a result, individuals do not always have the time to consume a nutritionally fulfilling diet, consequently leading to deficiencies. These deficiencies can prevent individuals from being productive as if they develop they can be debilitating. A common deficiency throughout adults is lack of iron, this can cause individuals to low energy, have a foggy mind and have slow reaction times. Therefore through my prototype, I hope to lessen the likelihood and or end the chance of developing a deficiency.

I originally was playing around with materials and seeing what I could make. After I made my first prototype I Thought of ways it could be incorporated without our society. I began to play around with the concept of it being a supplement dispenser. After this, I went home and sketched out what I wanted the object to do and the shape of it. I made reference to my original prototype as I like the shape of it, it was small enough to be carried by a user throughout their daily activities. Through my sketches I developed the concept more and how user interaction would be incorporated.

Once, I had developed the concept more and solidified how the design would be I began to actually construct my object. I also created social devices that would like to the prototype, to indicate user interaction. Overall, I am happy with the outcome as it fulfils the objective I created, is logically and user-friendly.


IMG_9547 copy