3. Interview

An interview with an IT (information technology) master student from UTS, who is a fitness and cooking lover, and also has been worked in a food application design in the uni assignment.


Me: “Is there a technology has changed over you lifetime?”

Lee: “yes, of course, I definitely will describe the Internet or smartphone.


Me: “why would you regard Internet as this huge changing? Can you give some examples?”

Lee: “before I came to Sydney for my master study, I lived in GanSu province in China, which is poorly-developed relatively. I still remember that when I was in my high school, it’s really inconvenient and hard to gather the information or resources. However, I got my first computer in 2005, and it totally changes my life. And I am just extremely interested in these technology things since that, I guess this is the reason that why I choose to study IT now.”


Me: “do you think the information exchanging and sharing resource over Internet is the most considerable change for you?”

Lee: “ strongly agree, most of time I have used the Internet is for searching and sharing information.”


Me: “ how about the smartphone? What is the most influenced part for you about smart phone?”

Lee: “actually the smartphone substitutes for computer somehow, basically, I can do anything on my iPhone. And I would say the invention of application in mobile phone is super creative.”


Me: “have you used any App which help or impress you a lot?”

Lee: “sure, one of my favorite app named Yummly Recipes. Due to I am a big fan of cooking, since I came to Australia, I always want to cook something special, but for some food materials such as kangaroo meat, I had never tried that before in China, and barely I don’t know how can I cook that delicious. Therefore, I always check the recipes in this app, and it does helped me a lot.”


Me: “what do you think the smartphone, application or Internet is going to be in the future, like 2050.”

Lee: “maybe because I am a IT student, I had massive assumable ideas about this, I predicted that in 2050, technology is going to be highly existed. Like AR technology will apply in any industries and our daily. Our smartphone will be the device that connects to everything. For instance, I hope that maybe the App Yummly Recipe will be utilised in AR technique, and people do not need to check anymore, all the information will be display automatically by scanning.”


Me: “you said you are a cook lover, if nobody will cook individually in 2050, all the food will be produced in food factory then deliver to you, will you be happy with that?”

Lee: “it depends, I prefer to self cook, the reason is I cannot give up to chase the flavor. Meanwhile, I am a fitness lover as well, so I need to take care the food ingredient in my daily meal to keep healthy. So, if the future food lab will provide food with flavor and nutriment, I will be really happy with that. “

Me: “if in this food lab, all the material is genetically modified food, will you accept that?”

Lee: “ yes, why not, if the food can be filled with flavors and nutriment concurrently, it will be great.”