4. Prototype

Due to the features of our ‘Foodie’ app, a food machine including a various of functions has been designed for enhancing the experiences better of customers. In the 2050, no people would cook food by themselves. Everyone will eat the genetically modified food that can significantly fulfill the needs of people. For this machine, the main function is to make the sample genetically modified food that can supply the nutrients, which are required by body.


There is a small LCD installed at the top of this machine and users can operate it to select the wanted recipes by touching the LCD, and these recipes will be sent to the food factory that helps to cook the selected recipes. At the same time, users can operate this machine to cook genetically modified food by itself.


It cooks simple genetically modified food by using three bottles of ‘liquids’ including the basic flavors and nutrients. These liquids will convert into food based on the selected recipes, and the flavor and the shape will be produced based on the data from the built-in database. This database does not record every recipe, so this machine will cook food without complex process, so that it can cook food quickly and save the time from the delivery. If the users want some special flavors or particular nutrients, they have to send these recipes to the food factory. The body part of this machine is designed for users to take their food. Two indicators can point that whether your food is available or not, Red means not available and Green means available.


Another function is designed for analysing the users’ body statues. The AR technology referring to Augmented Reality is used in this machine. It can display your body statues by the 3D model. A camera installed in this machine is a medium for scanning users’ body and sending the data to this machine so that the AR technology can display these statistics. Users can clearly see their body statues such as what conditions they could have, which nutrients they needed. This machine will recommend some better recipes for the users based on these statistics, but users still cannot accept these and customise own recipes.


This machine can cook the genetically modified food to the requirements of users. When you find your body need to supply some iron elements after scanning and the machine has recorded your favorite food is apple, it will recommend the recipe that relates to the apple and adds more iron elements. If you select this recipe, the machine will mix these three ‘liquids’ and convert into apple-shaped food. So you not only can eat your favorite food, but also can supply the needed nutrients.


This machine also is connected to our Foodie app, the users can use the app to realise all functions of this machine. It will improve convenience for using both app and this food machine. In the future, the microchip can be used to instead of app and these microchips can be installed any jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets or rings. Users just can launch it by Automatic Speech Recognition.