What is the food future?

Trying to put us into the future situation to imagine food, the following emotions with technological, convenient, environmental friendly, clean, super health come up immediately. Although these are already existed in our life or somewhat successfully apply into different areas, future food will extremely break our predicting.


 GM Food

GM (genetically modified) food is going to be the mainstream food source in the future. The GM food is a food that has been produced from a genetically modified organism (GMO), which is based on genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology. This organism can be anything that from crop plants to animals or even the microscopic (Advances in agriculture). Considering about reducing consumption and friendly environmental issue, GM food can be made by low consumptions, also last food in longer time, which solve the problems easily.

Food factory

‘The clean vegetables ‘project already be successful in Japan, this project is about producing soil free and sun free vegetables in the lab. They grow the vegetables in a clean room, which was used for semiconductor chips, and less practical and less bacteria. Besides, the time of cultivating is controlled that reduce the time consumption. The Japanese experimenters propose that old fashion farm will be completely replaced by new cultivating technology and food factory in the future (Japan’s future farm).


 Database Technology and Artificial Intelligence in food area

Since the Internet appeared on the first day, our life in reality has been digitised everywhere. The Internet presents a general concept of the capacity of network devices, which sense and collect data from the world around us, to share and to analyse data in different purposes (Vaishnavi, 2016).

Besides, in the film ‘Her’, telling a story about a man who falls in love with an artificial intelligent computer operating. This computer operating has the entire database about people’s demand, which can link to the memories, hobbit, lifestyle, personal psychological and physical information, all the data. Even the emotions can be digitized. From this point of the view, in the future, our life and lives would become the part of the database, and analyse by artificial. Therefore, in the food area, this technology would be used into our common life, people will obtain food source by analyzing and AI. All the demand of nutrients will transfer into the data then combine to the cleanest and super health food. At the meantime, human as a highest perceptive animal that cannot give up the flavours, with the GM technique, it will be satisfied eventually.



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