An interview with a fruit shop worker, Mahdiya Ali, where I see her views and opinions on how she think fruits and vegetables will grown overtime with the advancement of technology, and discovering whether she thinks we still be able to get the same nutrients as a natural grown fruit/vegetable than a laboratory one, and seeing if this will be beneficial and safe for the future.


How has technology changed over time for you?

 Being born and raised in Afghanistan, technology has definitely changed a lot for me. I grew up with boiling water over a fire, having to wash everything by hand, and having to get my own produce from gardens. Once I moved to Australia it was so different, you could just purchase whatever you want from a shop that is just right around the corner from your house and you can even purchase food online instead of having to go out and do it yourself. It’s so different.


How do you think technology will advance with fruits and vegetables in the year 2050?

 Working in a fruit and vegetable shop I feel that there will be an advancement in technology with fruits and vegetables in the future, because in fresh produce there are many problems; such as fruits getting moldy, bruising and just getting rotten too quickly, there’s a lot of wastage from this and I think that in the future this problem will no longer be an issue. I think that genetically modified produce will progress heaps, so our produce will last longer and look better.


So you wouldn’t mind if all your fruits and vegetables were to be genetically modified?

 Well no, if my produce lasts longer and can remain fresh then I will not be complaining. Less wastage is a good thing! Will be beneficial for the environment!


Do you think that we will be able to get the same nutrients of a genetically modified product like we do from a fresh product?

 I don’t think it will be as beneficial as a naturally grown product because we won’t know what chemicals go into these fruits and vegetables, but in the future they may be able to replicate the same nutrients as a naturally grown fruit or vegetable. Who knows?