My thoughts about the future is somewhat close to the modern days we live in. But with more advance technology and more plants and nature setting. I believe that technologies or the development of technologies are going to be more environmentally friendly. This is because scientist and engineers are trying to find out ways to use less coals to prevent pollution that are emitted into the environment. Now days they’re introducing electric cars and pushing this movement worldwide.  There are more recycling facilities, more solar panels installed in houses and more windmills built. As time goes on, technologies will use 100% renewable energy and this could lead us to the end of climate change. Climate does affect many produce, like we all know, different fruits and vegetables grow in different seasons. Having less pollution could cancel out climate change making plants grow like they did back when technology did not exist. This way we do not have to add extra chemicals in our foods.


The Black Panther film that’ll be released in 2018 is what I believe the future will look like even though the film isn’t set in the future. The movie is a superhero film however we’re mainly focusing of the environment and location of this fantasy world. Wakanda (the fantasy location of the film) is an isolated land in Africa that has been hidden by the mountains. Through the pictures located below shows how Wakanda looks like. It’s a city with high raised buildings and advanced technologies. However, in contrast to the buildings there are a lot of greenery present in this environment.  What makes it futuristic other than having 100% eco-friendly technology are the flying objects and futuristic architecture. Wakanda is suppose to be safe and friendly society that many citizens agree upon.


Because of the advance technology, we could replicate different seasons for the fruits and vegetables to grow without the outside climate changing. This could be achieved in a lab to create different climates for different types of fruits and vegetables. Genetic engineering in food is already a known fact in this day and age, it might be as successful but in time genetically modifying foods will be the norm. This will help foods have a longer life span, meaning there will be less food waste and having them conform to your taste, meaning more people would eat healthier.

Genetic engineering could also serve for the meat industry. As years go by, many people start to acknowledge animals. This could lead to more vegetarians and vegans arising around the world. By recreating the taste, flavour, nutrients and texture of the meat, we can develop an alternative with vegetarian products. Hence, reducing extinctions of animals and animal cruelty . Not only are we saving animals life, there will be a reduction of heart-attacks that are caused by animal fat (bad fat) and an increase in good fat and nutrients. This could mean that eating McDonalds or your favourite junk food after your workout possible.


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