Our scenario is high technology and isolation meaning the country has stopped world traded and is completely independent. However, because of our high technology we are able to sustain a stable society. Our online community is the only form of communication we have with the rest of the country. This is why we created the app called “Foodie” to share recipes of other countries foods and planets that don’t grow in our country. With the “Foodie” app  and genetic engineering, we are able to create foods that might not be available here. Because genetic engineering will prolong fruits and vegetables life spam, many people will be left with an abundance of food. This is where “Easy storage comes in play.

Easy storage is an equipment that physically looks like a microwave but acts as a sci-fi shrinking ray. The main device hydrates and dehydrates the food to shrink and go back to its original size which works by the pneumatic pump. The LED touch screen on top shows the options as well as the air pressure, temperature and time. The storage container has an eco-friendly coolant and insulation that sustains the cool temperature. The LED see through screen monitors the produce’s health and nutrients.






The product is eco-friendly and not chemical based to reduce the size but instead removes the air and moister that results to shrinking. The design has the ability to dehydrate food to prolong life so it doesn’t soil. As an effect of dehydration, the food inside shrinks in size and therefore saves storage space. Now you can store more food in a unit size container. This can help store seasonal fruits and vegetables in the winter or summer without the food expiring. This can also help food shortage due to drought and flooding.

The material that will be used to make the “Easy Storage” product will be simple to ones of a microwave which is metal with glass window. The LED screen is a touch based controls   located at the top as well as a LED screen on the pneumatic pump to monitor the air pressure. The container is made up of plastic with a see through LED screen located at the top. This makes it easier for the consumers to physically see and monitor the produce’s health and nutrients at the same time. The container will be storage away in a shelf that has a wireless charger for the containers to run cool air as well as the LED display screen. Ones the container is stored on the shelf the LED light will turn on. These LED lights will tell the person when the food is nearing its expiry; green light means its good, yellow/amber means its nearing its expiry date and red means expired. Both devices will use solar energy to power and charge. This will reduce carbon admission into the environment and therefore help decrease pollutions and global warming that we face in today’s day and age.

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