1D) Documentation of Prototype

Based on our future scenario, our group designed an app by 2050, the foodie app. It’s an app that can give people a chance to create their own fruit by combining several fruit. For example, strawberry and blueberry can combine into strawb, banana and mango can combine into bango. Using the similar technology, I’m gonna design a similar product which also can give people the chance to create.

My initial idea was designing a smoothie cup. As a smoothie lover, it always bothers me buying different fruits and veggies and make different combinations to make different flavoured smoothie. It wastes lots of time. But if we have a smoothie cup can do these choices at the same time, it would be a lot more efficient.

For the size of the cup, I referred to a normal smoothie cup we use now because I don’t think in the future changing the size and the shape of a cup will be necessary. For the function, I wanted to use the idea of genetic reformation, seperate all the nutritions, minerals and flavour, then users could choose the ingredients they want and combine into a very special smoothie. To achieve that, I used different coloured straws to represents each column of ingredients, sticked them to inside of the cup. When users choose the the ingredient, the liquid form of the ingredient will come through the ‘straw’ into the cup, and users can pour water into the cup, close the lid and shake it, then the smoothie will be done. The selecting screen would be outside of the cup.

After asking potentials users idea, the problem was it would be very difficult to put all the ingredient into one cup, to solve that problem, I put the single cup into a cup line, which sectioned all the ingredients into different cups, so when users buy the cup, they can choose which section of ingredients they want.

The next problem is environmental issue. Since the ingredients in the cup can be used up, and I put 30 drinks in each cup, the material of the cup should be biodegradable and environmental friendly.