1B) Eat In The Future

Develop is happening when people unaware. Look back to when I was born, the world changed so much I couldn’t even imagine, but if put my memories in sections, every change was just so perfectly reasonable. People imagining the future but also building the future. Technology happens from imagination, science happens from guessing, what we thinking about the future is actually what we doing in the current. Tracing what is happening now, we can see the future.

Different from the past, people were always hanging out together, there was no facebook or instagram, we shared our life by talking face to face. But now, we can do these all alone at home. There was no online ordered food, we cooked our meal just like normal, there was not much selections, we did everything in the tradition way. But now, less and less people cook at home, home delivery food, fast food, there are so much more options are taking place of cooking.

In my vision of future, people will pay more attention on personal space, we will talk less, instead, with technology developing, artificial intelligence will do most of communication. In the movie ‘Her’, people ignore the feelings and emotion with the world, stop talking with surrounding people but fall in love and have ‘friendship’ with AI. Of course, the movie is a bit abstract, but we will pay more and more attention to ourselves, sharing and talking through the internet, video chatting instead meeting each other. Therefore, eating will become into a more personal thing, we won’t eat with a bunch of people, we can make more choice of food, even create our own food. In the movie ‘Passengers’, people can choose their food by selecting on the machine, then the whole meal would be cooked. But in the movie, the food machine just cooks the food selected by user, not creating the food.

Genetic food modification is a technology developing very fast in the current, scientists can reform the gene of organisms. In the future, we can reform the gene of all kind of food, then make put them into different combinations to create new food. We will be able to choose the nutritions we want, resource from fruits, vegetables and other food, combine the certain parts into a ideal food by ourselves.


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