1C) Interview with Michael Cui

Q: Name?

A: Michael Cui

Q: Occupation?

A: Student

Q: Have you ever think about how we gonna eat in the future?

A: Not really actually think about it, but I think there’s not gonna be a lot of changes.

Q: Have you heard of genetic modification food? What do you think about it?

A: Yeah of course. Um I think it’s a great idea of reform the gene, but the technology still need to be more mature.

Q: Imagine in the future by 2050, there will be a technology base on genetic modification which can reform all the nutrition, ingredients, and minerals then combine several to create new food. What do you think about it?

A: So I think the technology has whole lot of potential, especially seems in terms of conveniency, in terms of efficiency, and cooking and also just reduce the waste. Cuz you know there are lots of fruits and vegetable, there is a huge wasteful of the ingredients and cooking, there are tons of waste food every single year, from restaurants, from shopping malls, everything.

Q: I have an idea of designing a product for the future which can do the recombination of the nutritions and create a food or drink, what do you think about it?

A: If we can efficiently combine the rightful fruit into some sort of a product, that would solve a lot of issues just for actual waste of food resources. The next thing I thought about is efficiency, in terms of getting food on the table, giving the user rightful interface and the proper technology behind selecting the food and fruits, and therefore I believe by 2050, in terms of efficiency, that would become a huge deal. And also the next thing is the replacement of human labour, because you know in the cafe or restaurant, you have a huge cost of human capital which is the employees pay for the stuff and the outsource  ingredients and food and stuff like that. And this product can cut lots of costing and save money. By 2050, I can definitely see this sort of product be more comfortable, even work with BR technology, VR technology. This technology should be very applicable and will improve our lives.

Q: In my future scenario, it’s about isolation and high technology, what do you this this technology gonna related to this future scenario?

A: I think the two are definitely related because when people not physically interact with each other, they will pay more attention into personal stuff, and this product or technology is for self-creating which is under the background of isolation.